Why All Songwriters Should Have A SoundCloud

Written by: Sarah Sparks | Troy University Music Industry Major | Muscle Shoals Song Rooms Intern 2020

SoundCloud is well known for showcasing new, fresh music from independent artists before they move on to bigger streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music. SoundCloud has more than 175 million monthly listeners and over 76 million registered users, making it a huge networking community for independent musicians.

Here are a few reasons why you should have one. 

It’s Easy.

SoundCloud is very user friendly. Uploading a track to SoundCloud is as simple as choosing a file from your computer or dragging the file into the page, and you can embed your tracks into your personal website by copying and pasting the “WordPress code” on your SoundCloud to create a direct play link. SoundCloud also has apps available on both Apple and Android platforms that allow access to your music on your mobile device. 

It’s Inexpensive.

While SoundCloud offers different subscription types at different monthly or annual costs, creators can have a basic account for free. That’s right. FREE. A basic account allows for up to three hours of music uploads along with basic stats and embedding controls. It’s the perfect way to start while you decide whether or not you want to upgrade your account. 

It’s Growing.

SoundCloud is becoming more and more popular to the point that most social media networks and job search sites give the option of adding your SoundCloud profile. Lots of artists who are pursuing their music careers include their SoundCloud on their Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. It makes you that much more accessible as an artist to your growing audience and future employers.

Big Names Use SoundCloud to Recruit.

Established artists and executives from major labels often use SoundCloud to find the newest music. For example, Republic Records discovered Post Malone through SoundCloud, and his career has completely taken off since then.

Music supervisors also use SoundCloud to find new music for ads or tv/film placements. SoundCloud monitors the music users search for and create “sounds like” suggestions, leading them to similar styles. For example: a music supervisor is looking for a song that sounds like something Carrie Underwood would release, but the budget doesn’t allow for the payout that her licensing would require. They can’t pay her $50k to use 30 seconds of her track in a movie, but what if they could pay you $10k just because your sound is what they are looking for? Now you have a sync placement, people hear your song in the movie, and you get noticed by a publisher. What a great way to kickoff your career. 

There are lots of advantages to having a SoundCloud in addition to what I’ve already listed, and I would always suggest doing your own research, but the fact is this: creating a SoundCloud and using it efficiently can only increase your chances of success as an artist.