Music Industry Mindset Shifts

As Explained by Founder, Lillian Glanton (& also Dan Sullivan)

Written by: Korie Burton | Muscle Shoals Song Rooms Intern 2020

As you probably know, Muscle Shoals Song Rooms recently held a three-day Songwriter Challenge, where participants learned about SO many different parts of the Music Industry. On Day 1, founder Lillian Glanton discussed “Mindset Shifts” with the participants. What she had to say was SO GOOD, I felt that it needed to be reiterated here on the blog for everyone to read. With a little help from Mindset Coach Dan Sullivan, here is what she had to say.

  1. You Are Capable – Everyone is capable of being successful in the music industry. If you have the drive and the willingness to keep on pushing, and learning, and developing your craft, you CAN be successful in this industry.
  2. Rejection Means that You Are Trying – You can’t fail if you never tried in the first place. If you are pitching songs, and asking people to co-write, and trying to book venues and you keep getting told “No,” then that means you’re one step closer to finding that one person who is going to say “Yes.”
  3. You’re Doing a Disservice to the World by NOT Sharing Your Music – Music speaks to people. If you’ve written something, and you’ve poured your whole heart into it, it can speak to people in ways you could never imagine! You’re doing a disservice by NOT sharing that art, and not making people feel emotions they didn’t know they needed to feel.
  4. It’s Not About the Destination – It’s so easy in this industry to get caught up in the “Where am I headed next?” Each time you write, hold onto the JOY of writing that song, and stop worrying about where you’re going to go with it.
  5. Focus on Creating Value (Dan Sullivan Tip) – Forget the sales! Forget the outcome! Whatever is going to happen is not up to you. Sorry! Your job is to write the absolute best song you can.
  6. Forget About Yourself, Focus on Others (Dan Sullivan Tip) – It’s not about you, it’s about the listener. The music industry is here to entertain the listener. How are you going to make the listener feel when they are listening to this song?
  7. Take Yourself Out of The Equation, and it Makes it Easier to Move on To The Next Thing – Once you’ve written the song, detach yourself from it. Taking yourself out of the song helps you to share it with people and be able to take criticism to get better. It’s not personal!
  8. Forget About the Future, Focus on Today (Dan Sullivan Tip)
    What can you do to make yourself a better writer today? What can you control today that may help you out tomorrow?
  9. Forget About Where You Were, and Focus on Where You Could Be (Dan Sullivan) – A bad song does not make you a bad songwriter. We have ALL written terrible songs! Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Ed Sheeran, Bob Dylan, Carole King, Elton John…. they have ALL written terrible songs. It’s part of the gig. Forget about the bad things you’ve written before and try to figure out how to make it better in the future. You can learn so much from rewriting and editing.
  10. 10. Gratitude – Celebrate what you have now because at one point you didn’t have it, and some people never will.