How to Pitch Your Songs to Film and TV

By: Korie Burton | Muscle Shoals Song Rooms Intern 2020

September 22nd, 2020

Pitching songs out into the world is one of the hardest things to do as an independent songwriter. One of the avenues writers can take to get their music heard is pitching songs to film and TV. This week, I spent some time doing a little research on just how an independent songwriter goes about pitching their songs to Film and TV!

The Music Supervisor

Music Supervisors are in charge of selecting the music used in a specific film/TV project. Sometimes they are independent contractors, and other times they are employed by the company producing the film or TV show. These guys are a songwriter’s best friend because their main job is to select and license music for the project, as well as making sure everyone gets PAID.

Pitching Services

So… how do you get in contact with Music Supervisors? Luckily for us, there are many different services we can sign up to get our music into the hands of these music supervisors (or “gatekeepers.”)


Taxi is an organization that is dedicated to getting the word out to writers about new opportunities in ALL areas of music. As a member, you will hear about who is looking for new music and exactly what they are looking for. If you are a member, and you believe one of your songs fits a specific opportunity, you can send your song in for review. If they agree on the song, they send it on to the label/publisher/supervisor who is looking for that specific body of work. For more info on Taxi and how you can become involved, click here!

Music Supervisor (The Service)

Music Supervisor is another service that can help you get your music licensed in film and TV. Similar to Taxi, you do have to be a member in order to get updates and pitch music. For more info on Music Supervisor and what they do, click here!

Tips & Tricks

Here are links to two articles I found when digging a little into just how to pitch music to film and TV! Hopefully they are as much help to you guys as they were to me.

“Sync Licensing: How to Get Your Music Placed in Film, TV, and YouTube” by CD Baby

In this article, the authors discuss the five steps to getting your music placed in sync opportunities.
The five points discussed in this article are…

1. Pitch appropriate material
2. Research new projects that are in production
3. Find out who the music supervisor is for projects currently in production 4. Contact music supervisors
5. “Send your material, pronto!” (Majewski et. al)

“5 Easy Steps: Get Your Music Into Tv & Film – Successfully” by Chris Shreenan-Dyck, Music Connection

In this article, the author notes that getting your music into film and TV is one of the most effective ways to make money in the music industry. Getting a sync spot grants an initial song licensing payment, as well as incoming royalties over time.

Remember, the possibilities are ENDLESS with your song– get to writing!