Meet The Founder

Lillian Glaton


Lillian Claire Glanton was born in a small town named Athens, Alabama. She was raised on a poultry and cattle farm. As a little girl, Lillian loved music. Her influences range from Dolly Parton, Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert and Shania Twain. At the age of 8, she started taking guitar lessons. By the age of 10, she was writing and charting her own songs. At the age of 13, she was traveling back and forth to the heart town of country music, Nashville, Tennessee to network with some of the biggest people in the business.

At the age of 14, Lillian decided to record her own songs. She went to FAME Recording Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and paid for her recording time with the black baldy cattle she had sold. At the age of 15, she decided she wanted to take her music career a step further by auditioning for the hit TV show American Idol. Lillian received the “golden ticket” and flew to Hollywood to be a part of the show. Her fan base grew rapidly after her TV audition and is still continuing to grow today.

After coming home from Hollywood, Lillian then graduated high school a year early and started college at 16 years old in the field of the music business and recording industry. Since then, Lillian has formed the Muscle Shoals Songwriters Association and created the Muscle Shoals Songwriters Festival which featured over 100 songwriters in 2019. She also has a business called the “Muscle Shoals Song Rooms,” a writing space, performance venue and education center uniquely made for songwriters in Sheffield, AL which opened in January of 2020.

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"I wanted to create a space where songwriters could collaborate in an inspiring and professional environment."

-Lillian Glanton, Founder