Located in the Hit Recording Capital of the World, the Muscle Shoals Song Rooms feature three writing rooms that are uniquely and acoustically designed for songwriters to spark creativity. We offer monthly and yearly memberships. A Song Room membership grants you Unlimited Access to our online appointment calendar where you can choose a date, time and room that works best for your busy schedule. We are open 7 days a week from 8AM-8PM. We also offer coffee and snacks during your writing session. Your membership also includes:

  • Exclusive Pitch to Publisher Nights - Learn More
  • Exclusive access to Songwriter Workshops led by top music industry professionals
  • A chance to create new co-writer relationships
  • Reduced rates on future Shoals Songwriter Retreats
  • Reduced song demo costs at a local recording studio

So what are you waiting for? Invest in your songwriting career today and become a member of the Muscle Shoals Song Rooms. We can’t wait for you to write at the Song Rooms- where songs are created.

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Raised in the Muscle Shoals area and a songwriter herself,  Lillian Glanton, Founder, had a vision to design a songwriting space where she could collaborate with co-writers in the Hit Capital of the World. She found a location just 2 blocks from the famous Muscle Shoals Sound. 

"Every week, I would book co-writes with songwriters in town (Muscle Shoals) and the question would always be "Where are we going to write?" I decided to create a solution to the problem; I wanted to create a space where songwriters could collaborate in an inspiring and professional environment- right here in the heart of Sheffield, AL." 

"I wanted to create a space where songwriters could collaborate in an inspiring and professional environment."

-Lillian Glanton, Founder

The Muscle Shoals Song Rooms feature 3 writing rooms that have their own unique style. Songwriters can book appointments online and choose any room they desire. Coffee and snacks will also be provided during your writing session. 

Not only will songwriters be able to collaborate in a professional environment, they will also have a chance to meet new co-writers, attend songwriter workshops from music industry leaders, be a part of future Shoals Songwriter retreats and most importantly, have a place to nurture their craft and be authentically themselves. 

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